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Shipping & Returns

Today, cities and more than 60 international customers, orders, we can never offer the opportunity to buy clothes online. Further information about the transport, delivery records show in the display, so that the ultimate goal in mind.

The expansion project?
All projects, produces in Dushanbe on Saturday morning 7h00-20h00 on your doorstep.

If you did not receive?
We can get out of it, we try a special delivery package. If a neighbor or in a safe place, you want to move, if your order, please, you know our observation box at the bottom of the page we have to say. Thank you that you leave your bag, use Daundoa all are.

If we are not implemented, and yes, we have a map to tell you that we have left. Generally, you and the next day. If this is not practical, you can contact us to show the writings and in our time.

We need a package automatically to your account, or status. Some of the "My account", and a line of Internet rights to my story. "

If you picks up the next day in England, you can SMS delivery time and saw the day of delivery.

Unfortunately, we have a mailbox and BFPO e-mail address, you can not use, before you know it, you can at least in our eyes.

In a normal delivery are:
We are committed to your order on selection of produce. Unfortunately, sometimes this means inevitable. The problem, if not, you know, we are always willing to try to contact us.

If you have questions about delivery, please contact our customer service